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Meet The Closing Room

Before your Breakthrough Call, we'd like you to have an opportunity to better understand who we are and the clients we have an opportunity to serve. On this page, you will find videos showcasing the Founder, Michael Patrick Strauch's (MPS) story, What The Closing Room Is, What Makes The Closing Room Different From Every Other Industry Sales Trainer, How To Identify If You Have A Sales Optimization Opportunity & Countless Case Studies/Testimonials From Our Clients. 


Meet MPS - The Founder 

Click the video to learn more about MPS & his journey to becoming a Legal Sales Expert that has helped law firm owners add $6.5M+ in additional revenue in under 2 years.


What Is The Closing Room?

The Closing Room is a legal sales solution that helps law firms turn more leads into paying clients without needing to invest another nickel in marketing or advertising. 


What Makes The Closing Room Different From Every Other Industry Sales Trainers

The Closing Room takes a radically different approach to sales training and fundamentally disagrees with all other industry sales trainers as explained in the video. 


How To Identify If You Have A Sales Optimization Opportunity

Discover if your law firm is closing at the rate it needs be via the ranges provided in the video. If not, you have an opportunity.


Client Success Stories

Below are clients we have had and actively have the pleasure of working with. You can review each client's results and case studies. We are past the point of wondering IF this works. We know this works as you'll notice below. 

Estate Planning

Attorney James Jones

As a law firm owner, I can attest to the challenges of maintaining a consistent close rate and growing your business. I struggled with these issues for years, until I decided to take a more strategic approach to sales and business development.

Working with The Closing Room, I was able to improve my close rate from 50% to 84% in just six weeks. This was a significant accomplishment, and it has had a major impact on my firm's bottom line. Not only have I been able to add $158,000 in additional revenue in that time, but I have also been able to maintain my high close rate and continue to grow my business.

The Closing Room's expertise and guidance were invaluable during this process. They helped me to understand the importance of using a black box structure for every consultation. They also helped me to track my progress and identify areas where I could improve, which was incredibly helpful.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the work that The Closing Room has done with my firm. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in helping me to improve my close rate, add additional revenue, and continue to grow my business. I highly recommend them to any law firm owner who is looking to take their business to the next level.

Our firm switched to non-attorney salespeople and I couldn't be happier!
-Attorney Jeff Hughes of Sterling Lawyers - Illinois & Wisconsin


Attorney George & Danielle Mccranie

As I write this, our firm just surpassed $1M in additional gross sales as a result of The Closing Room's program. We've been with The Closing Room for about a year now and prior to starting, we had worked with previous sales trainers that were only producing mediocre results. We decided to take the leap into The Closing Room and I'm happy we did. Since we worked with previous sales trainers, there was a period of "un-training" old habits and training new habits. Once we successfully went through that, our team has been crushing it. I'd highly encourage you to give The Closing Room a shot because they have made a huge impact in our firm.

Danielle and George Mccranie.jpeg
Andres Mejer WK_edited.jpg


Attorney Andres Mejer

"Since joining The Closing Room, we have increased our hire rate by 165%. This has certainly made an impact on our gross sales and we look forward to continued growth."


Attorneys Tim Stickradt & Peggy Hammerschmidt

Great Investment!!

For years we had been talking about hiring a non-attorney sales consultant, but we just couldn’t pull the trigger. Our biggest concern was how to train someone. None of us had a sales background, and the methods we were being taught by the best in the business, seemed complicated and difficult to implement.

Michael, and his ‘Closing Room’ was a complete and instant game changer! He has taken all of the tenets of a sales consult, and reduced and simplified them into an easy to learn, easy to repeat, step-by-step process. For us, the timing couldn’t have been better. We had just taken the leap and hired a non-attorney sales consultant when Michael came along. We jumped into the ‘Closing Room’ program and within 3 weeks, our close rate spiked 15%. Not only that, but we also increased our chapter 7 fee by nearly 20%, AND gained market share! We recommend Michael Strauch and The Closing Room to any firm that wants to increase sales and streamline the dreaded consult.

Hammerchmidt Stickradt.jpeg
Karina Lucid_edited.jpg


Attorney Karina Lucid

Since joining The Closing Room, we have increased our hire rate by 180%. We started with a 25% hire rate that would fluctuate and are proud to say we now have a consistent 70% hire rate. The Closing Room has certainly made a positive impact on our firm."


Attorney William Grafton

I’ve always been the best salesman in our firm. I close at the highest rate in the shortest amount of time and collect the most money. It was easy. I was the only one doing it. Every consult ran through me. Every retainer was something I worked for. Every dollar collected was initiated by a payment plan I set up.

I never believed that a non-attorney salesperson could do what I do, close at my rate, collect better than me. After working with Michael for a few weeks, I believe.

I’ve tasted freedom. We hired 50+ clients in March. We collected more money in March than in January and February combined. In fact, March has been our best month in pure collections ever. April is trending better. I’m not at true freedom yet, but thanks to this program I’m a lot closer. I’ve had a taste of it and I won’t let that go again.

William grafton.png
Howard Snader.jpeg


Attorney Howard Snader

I knew my sales could be better. I was looking for that one thing to get us over the hump. We were consistent in what we were doing, but doing the wrong thing over and over meant we were not going to get better. With that in mind, I began looking for the right sales "coach." With my initial conversation with Michael about the Closing Room's sales training program, I knew he had the systems and training my staff needed.

Not kidding, implementing what we learned in our first session resulted in quicker, easier and above average retainers.


My sales team is excited to see the instant results. Simple changes, consistently reviewed, scored and practiced are going to lead to substantially greater hires and at higher dollars. if the first couple weeks with the Closing Room produced these amazing results, I am really looking forward to what happens when my team receives more practice and training.


Attorney Brent Westbrook

"Since joining The Closing Room, we have increased our hire rate by 30%. Originally, I was not sure if I would have the time to commit to the program, but once I started, I realized it worked and I put in the effort to ensure I was adhering to the structure to generate more predictable and consistent results for our firm."

Brent Westbrook.jpeg
Don Golden WK.jpeg


Attorney Don Golden

Prior to joining The Closing Room's sales training program, I identified that I was having an issue in maintaining a consistent hire rate. In addition, I felt as if my hire rate was lower than I would've liked.

Then, I had an opportunity to speak to Michael about The Closing Room's sales training program and determined it was going to be a good fit for my firm. I can confidently say after joining the program that my results are both higher and more consistent than prior to the training.


In fact, to be specific, prior to the training, my hire rate was 46% and I jumped to 67% consistently after I started the training.


Overall, I realized the importance of having consistent sales training and maintaining the same structure on every consultation. I'm thrilled to be part of The Closing Room's sales training program and would encourage you to do the same if you are seeking more predictable results in your consult room

The list can keep going and going. I wanted to showcase some of the success stories we have had with clients in our program. If you would like further testimonials, don't hesitate to ask.

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