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Michael Patrick Strauch (MPS)

Michael Patrick Strauch is a Legal Sales Expert that helps law firms implement a sales system in their practice that closes qualified leads into paying clients at the highest rate possible. 


Over the last 2 years, The Closing Room has been able to help law firm owners add just north of $6.5M in additional revenue as a result of optimizing their sales process. 

Michael started this journey by actually working IN a law firm in Towson, MD. That firm gave him 90 days to prove his salt and show that his process works. They were closing about 50% of their qualified leads into paying clients when he arrived. At the end of his 90 days, they were consistently closing in the 84% range and collecting more cash than they ever had previously. 


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Meet MPS - The Founder 

Click the video to learn more about MPS & his journey to becoming a Legal Sales Expert that has helped law firm owners add $6.5M+ in additional revenue in under 2 years.


What Makes The Closing Room Different From Every Other Industry Sales Trainers

The Closing Room takes a radically different approach to sales training and fundamentally disagrees with all other industry sales trainers as explained in the video. 


What Is The Closing Room?

The Closing Room is a legal sales solution that helps law firms turn more leads into paying clients without needing to invest another nickel in marketing or advertising. 


How To Identify If You Have A Sales Optimization Opportunity

Discover if your law firm is closing at the rate it needs be via the ranges provided in the video. If not, you have an opportunity.



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