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Success Stories


James Jones.jpeg

Attorney James Jones

"Within the first 6 weeks of joining The Closing Room, I have been able to add an additional $158,400 in gross sales to my business which has made a substantial impact quickly. In addition, I now have a structure to follow that has allowed me to go from a 53% hire rate to a consistent 84% hire rate. I would absolutely encourage you to give The Closing Room a shot!"

Hammerchmidt Stickradt.jpeg

Attorneys Tim Stickradt & Peggy Hammerschmidt

Michael came along. We jumped into the ‘Closing Room’ program and within 3 weeks, our close rate spiked 15%. Not only that, but we also increased our chapter 7 fee by nearly 20%, AND gained market share! We recommend Michael Strauch and The Closing Room to any firm that wants to increase sales and streamline the dreaded consult."

Brent Westbrook.jpeg

Attorney Brent Westbrook

"Since joining The Closing Room in May, we have increased our hire rate by 30%. Originally, I was not sure if I would have the time to commit to the program, but once I started, I realized it worked and I put in the effort to ensure I was adhering to the structure to generate more predictable and consistent results for our firm."

Mike Doyel_edited.jpg

Attorney Michael Doyel

"Since joining The Closing Room in June, we have increased our hire rate by 85%. Originally, I attempted to increase our hire rate myself. After a couple months of attempts, Michael followed up and I decided to get started. I am certainly happy I decided to do so as we have seen a positive impact on our hire rate. I am looking forward to our continued growth."

Howard Snader.jpeg

Attorney Howard Snader

"Not kidding, implementing what we learned in our first session resulted in quicker, easier and above-average retainers"

Don Golden WK.jpeg

Attorney Don Golden

"Within 3 weeks, I went from a 46% hire rate to a consistent 75% hire rate."

Karina Lucid_edited.jpg

Attorney Karina Lucid

"Since joining The Closing Room in April, we have increased our hire rate by 180%. We started with a 25% hire rate that would fluctuate and are proud to say we now have a consistent 70% hire rate. The Closing Room has certainly made a positive impact on our firm."

Andres Mejer WK_edited.jpg

Attorney Andres Mejer

"Since joining The Closing Room in May, we have increased our hire rate by 165%. This has certainly made an impact on our gross sales and we look forward to continued growth."



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